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The defect of the stainless steel reactor(3)

7、No positioning bearing in the middle of the reducer frame. The stirring shaft swings too large, resulting in shaft seal failure.

8、Modified flange material, not up to rated load-deformation, resulting in flange surface seal failure. Even the sudden failure of the harmless medium under high temperature will have serious consequences, and the harmful medium will be even more serious.

9、The reactor inner wall and the parts in the reactor are not polished, the reactor inner wall is rougheasy to rust and scale, and it is difficult to clean when using the initial or replacement products.

10、To ensure the strength of the equipment,corrosion resistance performancethe cleanliness of the kettlekettle body and flange should be welded on both sides of the inside and outside, also often simplified as the outside single side welding. After less welding on the inside, the user is not easy to see in appearance, but the reliability of the equipment is reduced, the inside of the unwelded will form a seam, the material in the kettle is easy to infiltrate, and it is difficult to clean, the composition of the infiltration is usually certain, which may be stuck in the deep corrosion equipment for a long time, and may pollute the product after falling off.


Stainless Steel Polishing

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