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The defect of the stainless steel reactor(2)

3In order to ensure stability of the transmission, the base on the kettle cover should be flat-form, but often reduced to three-point support, because of the thin structurepoor stiffness. In addition to the use of low-speed kettle, in the commonly used reactor easily cause stirring shaftreducer and motor jitter. Cause the shaft seal to fail, the material escapes the leakage, the equipment movement part wear aggravation.

4It is extremely dangerous to thin the steel plate of the kettle body or heat transfer jacket, especially the stainless steel plate with higher price. The pressure resistance and stiffness of the kettle body are reduced, which can cause the equipment explosion malignant accident.

5The reducer frame is shorter that it has not space to adjust mechanical seal and kaubei wheel . The replacement of mechanical seal breakable parts must remove the reducer and motor,it is very inconvenient. When the reducer frame is long enough, you only remove kuabei wheel and have to move anything else. Although short frames save a little manufacturing coats for manufacturers and users, the cost of hours spent on maintenance equipment in the future often exceeds a little on savings. At least for users, calculating the general ledaer or long-term accounts is not cost-effective.

6For saving materials, the head does not press the straight edgethe head stiffness drops and the equipment capacity decreases.


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