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The defect of stainless steel reactor

1、Confusion of full and nominal volume concepts

Usually the full volume of the equipment is all the space contained in the reactor cylinder and the upper and lower head, and the nominal volume is only the volume corresponding to the jacket of the kettle body, that is, the volume that can be fed. obviously the latter is less than the former. Typically, the user requires a nominal volume based on the quantity of feed, but a significant number of manufacturers are deliberately fooling around with full volume. When the user does not care, can take advantage of, after the user sees through, can pretend to misunderstand again, have an excuse. However, the danger is that the user overfeeds the reactor without knowledge, which causes the reactor to overload, and the danger is self-evident.

2、In the high requirements of shaft seal, such as the use of mechanical seal, should choose a smaller shaft swing reducer, and some manufacturers will use a relatively low price turbine reducer, due to the large shaft swing, with stirring shaft swing, at this time, mechanical seal due to the failure of the condition cannot be guaranteed. Pressure in the kettle, shaft seal leakage even more. If the kettle is flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive medium, its harm can be imagined. 

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