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Stainless steel reactor

Compared with glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor has the characteristics of rapid heatinghigh temperature resistancesanitationno environmental pollutionno need for boiler, automatic heatinguse convenient and so on. Stain steel reactor is widely used in petroleumchemicalrubbermedicinepesticidedyefoodstuff and other industries, especially pharmaceutical and foodstuff enterprises choose stainless steel reactor many. According to customer requirement, the stain steel reactor can be made outer half tube and other styles, greatly facilitate the customer’s personalized demand for reactor.

Construction principle of the stainless steel reactor:

1、The reactor is composed of pot bodypot coveragitatorjacketsupporttransmission and shaft seal etc. Materials and openings can be made by user’s process requirements.

2、The heating form are electric heatingoil heatinggas heatingwater heating(or cooling)open fire heating etc.

3、The jacket form are jacket type and outer half tube type, oil heating type of jacket are provided with a diversion device.

4、The forms of agitation generally include propeller typeanchor typeframe typescrew typescraping type,etc. High rotating speed class has decentralized impeller typeturbine typehigh shear typepropeller type for customers to choose according to the process.

5、The transmission forms are ordinary motorflameproof motorelectromagnetic speed regulation motorfrequency converter and so on. The reducer has cycloid needle wheel typeworm wheel typeplanetary infinitesimal variable speed type.

6、The shaft seal is ordinary water cooling packing sealcombined type tetrafluorine packing sealmechanical seal. The discharge form has the ball valvethe lower expansion valve.


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