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The characteristics introduction of the glass lined reactor

    The glass lined condenser is a kind of hot water treatment equipment with good cooling performancestrong pressure resistance,which is an ideal equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.  At the same time, it also has the features that uniform liquid-gas distributionlong flow ratelarge cooling water areasufficient waterfast cooling effectshort production time and high efficiency. The glass lined condenser also has well performance with corrosion resistancesmooth surfacewear resistance and certain thermal stability, which be used in the chemicalmetalluraicalrubber and petroleum industry. The glass lined condenser is made by sintering at a high temperature of about 900℃,so that the corrosion resistance glass material is close to the metal surface. The glass lined tube is mainly provided with a tower joint and a straight line.

1、Is ordinary condenser suitable for corrosive substance or gas?

The ordinary condenser hasn’t corrosion resistance performance,so it is not suitable for corrosive materials and gases. The glass lined condenser is mainly used in the condensation of the corrosive substances and the reflux of corrosive gases.

2、Are the condenser and the cooling the same?

Although the condenser and the cooling device have a word difference, but they are different.Because the condenser condenses the gas into liquid, while the cooling device just cools the medium and the medium without phase transition. Therefore, base on the above, the condenser and the cooling are different.


The glass lined condenser

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