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The agitator of the glass lined reactor

In the process of production, the use of agitator accelerates the  reaction and saves the time cost. The types of agitators required for various reaction are also different. Several types of agitator needed in glass lined reactor and stainless steel reactor are introduced below.

1The disk turbine agitator

The disk turbine agitator(also called turbine impeller) is a widely applied agitator, which can effectively complete almost all mixing operation, and can handle the fluid with a wide range of viscosity.

 The Main advantage of the disk turbine agitator is that the stirring efficiency is high, and stirring produces strong radial flow when the energy consumption is small. Therefore it is suitable for emulsionsuspension and so on.

2、The paddle agitator

The structure of the paddle agitator is the simplest. blade is made of steel,welding or bolted to the hub , the number of blades is 23or 4. The form of the blade be divided into straight blade and folding blade ,that is, according to the shape feature of the blade can divided into flat paddle agitator and oblique paddle agitator. The flat paddle agitator produces radial force and the oblique paddle agitator produces axial force . The paddle agitator is suitable for low viscosity liquidsuspension and solution stirring.

3、The anchor agitator

The structure of the anchor agitator is simple, it is suitable for fluid stirring with the viscosity below 100Pa/s. When the fluid viscosity is 10~100Pa/s, a transverse blade can be add in the middle of the anchor agitator, that is ,the frame agitator, so that to increase the mixing in the container. This type anchor agitator is a low-speed type agitator, which is often used in the process of mixing medium and high viscosity liquidheat transfer reaction and so on.


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