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The discharge valve of the glass lined reactor(1)

The glass lined reactor be commonly used in chemicalpetroleumdyepesticide and other industries. As long as the reaction section needs to be equipped with the corresponding discharge equipment, therefore the discharge device of the glass lined reactor,that is, the discharge valve, occupies a certain position. What are the main kinds of discharge valves, how do they classify ,how to choose? Next,I will give you a brief introduction.

1、The structure can be divided into three types, such as the enamel up-spread discharge valve and the enamel down-spread discharge valve and enamel ball valve.

2、According to the seal form can be divided into two types: packing seal and wavy seal.

3、According to the operation form can be divided into: manual enamel discharge valvepneumatic enamel discharge valve and electric enamel discharge valve.

In the actual and selection process , the enamel discharge valve can be installed with mirror port or cleaning porttemperature measurement tantalum nailvalve position display and field digital temperature control instrument and so on. 


The enamel diacharge valve

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