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The introduction of the reducer(2)

3The spiral gear reducer

The main variable speed gear of the spiral bevel gear reducer is made of Gleason quasi-hyperbolic gear.

Features: hard tooth surfacelarge bearing capacity low noiselong lifehigh efficiency.

4、The stepless transmission

    The stepless transmission is mainly composed of the driving wheel device, friction transmission mechanism and speed regulating control mechanism.


(1)、High strength: when adding impact load or machine reversal, the performance of machine is reliable and can rotate accurately.

(2)、The variable speed range is large: the variable speed ratio is 1≤5, that is to say, the output speed can vary arbitrarily from 1:45 to1:7.25.

(3)、 High speed regulation accuracy: speed regulation accuracy of 1-0.5rpm

(4)、Stable performance: the transmission parts of this machine are subjected to special heart treatment, precision processing of rubbing parts, good lubrication, stable operation, low noise ,long life.

(5)、Coaxial structure: input axisout axis rotation in the same direction, small volume, light weight.

(6)、The combination capability is strong : the machine can be combined with various types of speed reducer to realize the change speed of low rotation speed and large torque.

(7)、In the allowed bear load condition, the adjusted speed is constant.

(8)、The whole machine seal,can be used for wetdusty, slightly corrosive working environment.

(9)、The strength is highdurablesafe and reliable, speed regulation is very simple and convenient.

(10)、Can work continuously, and can run in positive and negative directions,stable operate , stable performance, environmental protection.

(11)、Compact structure, small installation space , using high-quality aluminum alloy diecasting molding, never rust.

    According to the requirements of industrial production, you can  purchase the appropriate reducer type.


The spiral gear reducer


The stepless transmission

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