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The precautions in use of glass lined reactor

    The glass lined reactor is widely used in the equipment of chemical industry process. The following two points need to be paid attention during the use of glass lined reactor.

1、To prevent hot materials for empty kettle and cold materials in hot kettle,the temperature difference is not exceed the specifications of the equipment ;the process of using the glass lined reactor ,it is not allowed to heat up or cool down rapidly under pressure.An appropriate rising and cooling curve shall e established according to process requirements.Generally, the temperature shall be controlled below 3℃/min.

2、Avoiding beating the enamel surface directly with metal utensils in the process of operation,and pay attention to the discharge condition,so as to avoid  turning into a large defect because the small defect is not found.

    The Precautions in the use of the glass lined reactor are the premise of ensuring the service life of the glass lined reactor.If you want the glass lined reactor to create profits for yourself, you can’t just use it,but also carefully maintain it.Only good maintenance,the service life of reactor will be long,in order to create greater benefits for enterprise.


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