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Safety use and maintenance of glass lined reactor

    Glass lined reactor is widely used in petroleumchemical industrylight industry   pesticidemedicinedyefoodscientific research and other industries,it has the characteristics of smooth   surfaceheat resistanceeasy washing and brushing ,no pollution of materials and so on . However ,due to the brittleness of glass lined reactor,improper operation is easy to cause damage to enamel. The following is an introduction to the safety rules and maintenance of the glass lined reactor.

1、The Inner and outer surface of the tank are unsuitable for beating and collision,so as to prevent the enamel from falling off.

2、Electric welding and gas welding are not allowed in the tank on the enamel wall.When welding and cutting the outer  jacket , it is necessary to fill water in the tank before use.

3、The filling index of the reactor is 75%, the storage tank is not more than 90%.

4、When exposed,prevent hard objects from falling in,so as not to damage enamel.

5、When the tank clip is loosen or dropped,it should be fastened in time.

6、For safety valvepressure gaugethermometer,etc, the requirements shall be sensitive,accurate and often checked,if any damage is found, replace it in time.

7、The foundation is completefastening,each part connection bolt should be complete ,fastening.

8、The main body is tidythe paint is in good condition, and is free from runningtakingdripping and leaking.

9、Waster must be released when the minimum indoor temperature is below 0℃

10、The safety protection device is in good condition.

11、When the temperature of the contents is to be cooled at 110℃,the cooling water shall be first opened. When the contents are cooled below 50℃,the salt water can be used instead. The ice salt water shall not be used for cooling directly,so as to prevent the temperature difference from being too large to cause the ceramic to crack.

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