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Inspection of glass lined reactor before use

In the process of chemical production , glass lined reactor be of  a certain danger, In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the safety of the operating personnel is also ensured .Therefore,the following inspection should be carried out before use of the glass lined reactor.

1、Equipment inspection:check and confirm whether the appearance of glass lined reactor and accessories are abnormal , whether the number of clip in each connection is sufficient , whether there is obvious loosening of bolt connection, whether the interface is sealed as required.

2、Electrical inspection:check and confirm the appearance of motor is complete,the grounding line is connected well, the electrostatic connection between lid and body of kettle,  between the reducer and the stirring motor is in good condition,and the test and confirm the visual hole lamp are good in condition.

3、Check the lubrication system:check whether the gland of the packing seal of the top-to-bottom glass lined reactor is in the bottom, and whether the oil in the oil cup with the single end face and the seal of the double-end is sufficient for the lubrication system with the mechanical seal of the double-end face.

4、Pipeline inspection:check whether the valves、pipelines、pipe fittings and insulation layer on the each connection pipe are in good condition, whether it is leaking,whether the opening and closing of the valve is smooth,and whether it is in the closed state.

5、These are some checks that should be done before using glass lined reactor.In addition,in order to ensure normal operation of the glass lined reactor, and also confirm thermometer, liquid level, pressure gauge and other instruments of the glass lined reactor are in normal condition.

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