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The structure introduction of glass lining reactor

Glass lining reactor is glass containing high silica,lining on the inner surface of steel container,burning at high temperature to form the composite products on the metal surface. So,it is an excellent corrosion-resistance equipment.

1、Glass lining inner body,Glass lining inner body is connected with screw thread and flange,glass lining over is a positive body flat plate over,the both are fixedly connected with a main bolt and nut.

2、The main sealing port of high pressure reactor adopts double wire seal of type A,and the other sealing points adopt the sealing form of line contact between arc surface and plane,arc surface and arc surface.Glass lining reactor depends on the high precision and finish of the contact surface to achieve good sealing effect.

3、A barrel-shaped silicon carbide furnace core is arranged in the outer body of the glass lining reactor,the electric furnace wire is arranged in the furnace core, and the end of electric furnace wire penetrates through the lower part of the furnace shell side, and is connected with the controller through a connecting stud and an acorn cable.

4、A pressure gauge, a bursting membrane safety device, a vapor-liquid-phase valve, a temperature sensor and the like are arranged on the kettle cover of the glass lining reactor,so that the reaction conditions in the glass lining reactor can be know at any time to adjust the proportion of the medium in the kettle and to ensure the safe operation.

There are many kinds and uses of glass lining reactor,users can chose and purchase suitable glass lining reactor according to own production process requirements.

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