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Glass lined reactor applications

Glass lined reactor applications

In the chemical industry, the most important equipment is chemical reaction equipment. Although the strength of a lot of metal material itself is very good,but it does not have very good corrosion resistance,chemical properties are very lively, so can be used through a variety of materials cladding to improve these problems,enamel reaction kettle is a very good choice.A silicon enamel coating can be added to the exterior of various metal materials to enhance the metal's resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion.However, it is not easy to finish the coating work on the outside of the metal material, which requires the use of special equipment.

Because glass coating is on the outside of the metal coated on silica glass glaze, through high heat sintering, fusion has become a kind of chemical stability is strong, resistant to strong acid, inorganic acid, organic acid), alkali and organic solvent corrosion (hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ion of medium and above 180 degrees Celsius hot phosphoric acid and alkali solution does not apply to more than 50 degrees Celsius), high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, surface smooth and clean functional composite materials.No static electricity will be generated in the process of use, easy to clean after use, in addition to a good preservation function.So glass can be used in chemical industry, medicine, pesticides, dyes, light industry, food, metallurgy and national defense industry.

In coating equipment design and use of the term, you need to be able to have very good high temperature resistance, will not be needed at least can reach 950 ℃ damage and failure, so that equipment in use have been a lot of strict parameters requirements, the enamel reaction kettle is mainly divided into the reaction tank, storage tank, distillation tank, condenser, the main components and through the different combination of these parts to complete the normal metal surface coating.


Can say the metal coating to let  enamel evenly on the surface of adhesion, such claim to the processing container is more and more, the only professional equipment can be in any different location perfect coating of metal parts, to ensure that won't appear inside a bubble, ensure the strength of the metal material was not a big impact, so to see the choice of enamel reaction kettle and quality directly affect the level of the final products.After the installation and use of the equipment, it is necessary to check the quality of the work effect, and use special testing equipment to judge whether the work effect meets the requirements.

Zibo TangLian chemical equipment co., ltd. has the first, second class pressure vessel manufacturing license, design license.Our products are now 50-50000l K and F glass coating reaction vessels, storage vessels, distillation vessels, measuring devices, glass coating pipes of various specifications. We also produce patented products and the glass coating superconducting heat pipe exchangers with the highest pressure resistance in China.All kinds of agitators, thermowells, feeding valves, mechanical seals and non - standard pressure vessels.According to customer requirements, customized stainless steel products are not standard products.Strong technology, product quality, timely delivery, welcome to the majority of users to exchange and communication, to achieve mutual benefit.

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