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What are the components of the glass lining reactor?

What are the components of the glass lining reactor?

  The glass lining reactor is the glass containing high silica lined on the inner surface of the steel container, after high temperature burning and firmly close to the metal surface into composite products.So,it is an excellent corrosion resistance equipment.

         Introduce the glass lining reactor is composed of what structures.As shown in the picture,this is the profile of the glass lining reactor.



搪玻璃管口:Glass lined nozzle

带视镜人孔:Manhole with sight mirror

带悬挂保护卡子:Clamps with protecting ring


冷却水出口:Cooling water outlet

搪玻璃罐体:Glass lined inner body

搪玻璃层:Glass lined surface


搪玻璃放料阀:Glass lined flush valve

防爆电动机:Explosion proof motor

压力表:Pressure gauge


隔离流体压力罐:Pressure balance tank

双端面机械密封:Double mechanical seals

温度计套管固定装置:Thermowell mounting unit

搪玻璃罐体盖:Glass lined head

蒸汽进口:Steam inlet

温度计套管:Thermometer socket

框式搅拌器:Frame type agitator

冷凝水出口:Cooling water outlet

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