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Flat cover glass lining reactor

Flat cover glass lining reactor

Flat cover type of K type glass lining reactor has two types of flat-cover end-flange type and flat-cover reverse-flange type.The design concept of these two structures is basically the same,but the price of flat-cover reverse-flange type is cheaper than flat-cover end-flange type.Their design idea is based on the working condition that certain chemical products need high pressure(4.0-35MPa) in the production process 、no too much limit on temperature and the volume is small(below 3000L) working conditions.Because the reactor is an open type, it is convenient  to maintenance、disassembly of equipment,particularly highly toxic and flammable chemical products,this structure can improve the working environment of workers and reduce the labor intensity of workers.Because this structure is suitable for higher pressure and cylinder wall thickness.So the processing cycle is longer.


Flat cover reactor and open flat cover reactor are typical innovations of magnetic transmission is used in large-scale reaction equipment,it fundamentally solved before packing seal、mechanical seal unable to overcome the problem of the leakage of the shaft sealing,no leakage and pollution,so is the domestic current chemical reaction under the high temperature and high pressure of the ideal device,especially in the chemical reaction of flammable、explosive、toxic medium,more show its superiority.The material of magnetic autoclave body is mainly made of Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel,and titanium(TA2),nickel(Ni6) and composite steel plates can be made according to different media requirements.The structure of the body has a flat cover, a convex cover and a closed body with manholes.The heating method has jacket steam,jacket heating oil and electricity heating form for users to order optional. The surface of the reactor body with polishing requirements can reach the above mirror polishing level, and the materials with high viscosity can be processes into a conical bottom for easy feeding and cleaning.

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