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The development of glass lining equipment

Overview of the development of glass lining equipment industry in China.

1. The birth of acid-resistant enamel industry in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

 China's glass lining equipment industry is a new type of chemical equipment industry that has grown from small to large and gradually developed from weak to strong after the founding of the People's Republic of China.With the demand and development of pharmaceutical and chemical industries, anti-corrosion acid-proof enamel chemical equipment (glass lining) came into being in the 1950s.Founded in 1943, "ShanDong XinHua pharmaceutical factory" developed in 1953, 100L enamel reaction tank in northeast pharmaceutical factory the trial is successful, and the following year won the national invention award issued by the ministry of light industry and material excitation prize. 50s industrial enamel equipment production specifications for 5000L of the following products,some products exported to Korea,Vietnam and Mongolia and other countries.China's first 100 litres of enamel reaction tank in the 50 s, in the tide of "science and technology and rejuvenating the country" in the central party committee, the Beijing enamel plant and ShanDong XinHua pharmaceutical engineering and technical personnel to the Czech republic and Hungary in 1954 after the investigation, Beijing enamel plant and ShanDong XinHua pharmaceutical factory in 1954 and 1958 successively on the basis of the study, research developed the "54" series and "5809" series acid-resistant ceramic glaze.These two kinds of enamels made the glaze level of our country reach the advanced level of the world at that time.

2. Development and adjustment of acid - resistant enamel equipment industry in 1960 s.

In the early 1960s, China entered a three-year period of adjustment, part of the production of daily enamel products enterprises enamel equipment stop production.On October 9, 1965, in order to further standardize the term "industrial enamel" and bring it into line with the world, the "enamel" of chemical equipment was renamed as "lined glass" in accordance with the British definition of enamel equipment: Class lined.With the implementation of planned supply of major commodities by the state, the shortage of commodities in the market, and the third-line construction of enterprises in the late 1960s, experts for enamel equipment were successively established in some areas.By the end of the 1960s, there were about 15 professional manufacturers of enamel chemical equipment, and the output of enamel chemical equipment reached about 8500 tons/year.

3. the 1970s glass lining equipment industry entered a new period of development.

With the end of the cultural revolution, glass lining equipment industry entered a new period of development.By the end of the 1970s, there were more than 40 glass lining equipment factories in China, with an output of more than 36,000 tons and a total industrial output value of 216 million yuan.The products include glass lining reaction tank, glass lining storage tank, glass lining condenser, glass lining conical dryer, glass lining evaporating vessel, glass lining polymerization kettle and glass lining tower section, pipes and fittings, valves, etc.The output has become the first in the world, which has basically met the needs of China's chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

4. Glass lining equipment industry reform and opening up (1978) development of new opportunities.

The 1980s was a period of great development for the glass lining equipment industry, especially for the township enterprises, which brought vigor and vitality to the glass lining equipment industry. The production and manufacturing enterprises in the glass lining equipment industry kept developing and expanding.During it, the layout of the glass lining equipment industry formed the Shanghai-Nanjing area, Zibo area, northeast China, the central plains region, the Beijing-Tianjin region, and so on six big area in southwest China, glass lining industry machine manufacturing enterprises has reached 79, output reached 60000 tons, annual, gross industrial output value reached 390 million yuan, annual, glass lining equipment exports reached $3 million, glass lining equipment of production and consumption has become the world's superpower.

5. The nineties is a decade of reform, adjustment and progressive development of glass lining equipment industry.

In the 1990s, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the economic system and market mechanism have undergone great changes.The revision of "79", "87" and "92" marks a qualitative leap in the standard structure of glass equipment, indicating that China's glass lining standards are basically in line with international standards, and that the standardization level of China's glass lining equipment is gradually approaching the level of foreign developed countries.By the end of the 1990s, the glass lining reaction vessel had reached 20,000L, and the glass lining storage vessel had reached 30,000L.The series of glass lining filter press, glass lining tube heat exchanger, glass lining thin film evaporator, high pressure glass lining reaction kettle, bulmakin glass lining agitator, etc.In the 1990s, the scale of glass lining equipment manufacturing enterprises has been constantly exaggerated, and the quality of products has been constantly improved. In the pond glass industry, the number of manufacturers has reached 86, and the total number of glass lining and related accessory manufacturing enterprises has reached 113, with the output reaching 86,000 tons per year.The total industrial output value reached 780 million yuan per year, and the export of glass lining equipment reached 11.3 million us dollars.

6. The development of manufacturing level of glass lining equipment industry in the 21st century and the opportunities and challenges it faces.In the 21st century, according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, in order to further improve the manufacturing and application scope of glass lining equipment, many enterprises have upgraded the manufacturing license of pressure vessel from D2 to A2.

The domestic and international economic situation makes the glass lining equipment industry faces the huge challenge.The state has greatly affected the glass lining equipment industry by conserving energy and reducing emissions, accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, persisting in both incremental optimization and stock transformation, reducing backward productivity, and raising the level of traditional industries.As for the influence of the state's fiscal policies and credit policies, no discount interest or equity investment shall be granted to industrial restructuring projects that are in line with the state's industrial policies and not in line with energy conservation and emission reduction, and no loans shall be granted.At present, phosphor chemical industry, titanium dioxide and other industries do not comply with the national industrial policy, and some provinces and cities have stopped financial support for these industries, which is one of the reasons for the recent sharp reduction in investment in glass lining equipment projects and equipment procurement demand.The domestic inflation pressure accumulated from years of high growth is very great. The dual pressure of imported and cost-driven inflation has contributed to the soaring prices of international crude oil, iron ore, steel, chemical raw materials and grain.China's exports have been hit hard by the falling dollar and rising yuan, which have made Chinese exports more expensive.Affected by the financial crisis, the export quantity of chemical equipment decreased, and the export of China's glass lining industry slowed down obviously, which shows that the glass lining industry really has a long way to go to the world.



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