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Is the glass-lined reactor affected by the operating temperature?

Glass-lined reactors play an indispensable role in chemical equipment, providing great convenience for the occurrence of chemical reactions, especially for strong acid and alkali and corrosive chemicals.

The glass-lined reactor was calcined at a high temperature of 900 ° C, and the enamel was bonded to the steel plate after cooling. Since the linear expansion coefficient and elongation of the enamel are smaller than that of the steel sheet, the deformation amount of the bismuth glass after cooling is smaller than the deformation amount of the steel sheet, and the enamel is restrained by the steel sheet to generate compressive stress, which is easily affected by temperature. Here is a detailed introduction to everyone.

1. Since the prestress is related to the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation, the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation are closely related to the temperature. Therefore, the working temperature of the glass-lined reactor has a great influence on the use of the enamel kettle. If the stress generated by the enamel exceeds the stress of use due to large temperature changes, the enamel will be destroyed;

2. The enamel layer of the glass-lined reactor is cold and hot, and it is extremely explosive. Therefore, the enamel kettle has a temperature limit temperature of 200 ° C, a rapid temperature shock resistance <1IO ~ C, thermal shock < 120 ° C. When the temperature of the material and the temperature of the kettle body are too large when feeding, the steam is too strong when the temperature is raised, and the temperature is too fast to cause the porcelain to burst;

3. The glass lining of the glass-lined reactor has a certain impact strength, but it is a brittle material after all, and the harsh working conditions do not allow any minor defects. Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the glass-lined reactor should take effective measures during transportation, storage and installation.

In summary, the glass-lined reactor is extremely susceptible to the operating temperature and should be taken care of when using it. Our company's glass-lined reactors are of superior quality and quality. You are welcome to contact us.

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