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Support method of glass-lined reactor

Before installing the glass-lined reactor, you must first select the appropriate support method. The installation of the reactor is only firm, in order to ensure the normal use of the glass-lined reactor and prolong the service life.

In the installation, the general situation is to choose the support of the bracket, there are many ways to support, different methods have different benefits. Let's take a brief look.

The choice of the support for the support of the bracket is to be carried out. The design of the console is based on the size of the reactor, and is made up of a combination of channel steel and round tube. Other equipments according to the process are also easy to install and operate.

If the reaction vessel is used as a monomer, the support of the leg is generally selected, that is, the support portion at the bottom of the reaction vessel contains three or four leg-type supports, which is a floor-standing support, especially a small reactor generally having a volume of less than 500 L. The choice of this support method does not require a welding console, and it is convenient to place and move.

The support must first determine the length of the leg, in other words, the height of the bottom valve to the ground, the length of the leg is generally about 500mm, but according to your specific use, such as how to receive the container, etc. Determine the length you need.

The vertical type is the same as the glass reactor, and the horizontal type is the saddle type support, that is, the horizontal ends are slightly in the inner part, and each has a saddle type support, which is a floor type support.

The support of the glass-lined reactor can save us a lot of things, so that our work efficiency is more effective, and interested friends can find out.


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