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Storage of glass-lined reactor

The glass lined lining of the glass-lined reactor has a certain resistance to mechanical impact, but it is a brittle material after all, and once it collides, it will cause the glass lined to fall off and seriously affect the use of the reactor. Therefore, in order to ensure the performance of the reactor, protective measures should be taken during transportation and storage to prevent damage to the reactor tank.

1. Precautions for the glass-lined reactor during transportation

(1) Reasonable selection of lifting parts. The glass-lined equipment sold by our company is generally bare-packed. When lifting the equipment, the support, the hook or the kettle body can only be stressed, and the weak parts such as the take-up or the clamp or the bottom of the package are not allowed to be stressed.

(2) During the hoisting process, the glass-lined reactor should not collide with other objects, and should be lightly lifted.

(3) When the equipment is installed by a person, it should be hauled smoothly, and the unstable force method such as rolling or smashing should not be used.

2. Precautions for the glass-lined reactor during the storage process

(1) The equipment should be stored indoors if conditions permit.

(2) When the glass-lined reactor is stored outdoors, it should be covered to avoid people knocking on objects, sun and rain.

(3) Special attention should be paid during the winter storage to check whether there is water in the kettle body and the thermometer casing to avoid damage due to freezing.

(4) For reactors or polymerizers equipped with mechanical seals, the sealing parts should be doubled and kept clean.

There are many precautions regarding the transportation and storage of the glass-lined reactor. If necessary, you can pay attention to continuous updating.

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