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Analysis of several reasons for seal leakage

During the use of the reactor, the problem of seal leakage sometimes occurs. Seal leakage will not only affect the normal operation of the reactor, but will also affect the quality of the products produced. Now let's analyze why there are seal leaks and remedial measures for various reasons to extend the life of the reactor.

First, the packing seal

(1) The agitator shaft is worn or corroded at the packing, causing excessive clearance. Replace or repair the mixing shaft and machine it on the machine to ensure roughness.

(2) The oil ring is not in the proper position or the oil circuit is blocked, and the oil seal cannot be formed. Adjust the position of the oil ring and clear the oil path.

(3) The gland is not compacted, and the packing quality is poor or used for too long. Press the packing or replace the packing.

(4) Corrosion of the stuffing box. Repair or replace.

Second, mechanical seal

(1) The static and dynamic ring end faces are deformed and bruised. Replace the friction pair or re-grind.

(2) The end face is too large in pressure and the friction pair is thermally deformed. It is necessary to adjust the specific pressure, strengthen the cooling system, and take away the heat in time.

(3) The sealing ring is not selected correctly, the pressing force is not enough, or the V-shaped sealing ring is reversed, and the sealing is lost. The sealing ring is selected and installed reasonably, and there must be sufficient pressing force.

(4) The vertical error between the axis and the end face of the stationary ring is too large. Stop, re-align, and ensure verticality.

(5) The operating pressure and temperature are unstable, and the hard particles enter the friction pair. Strictly control the process index, particles and crystals can not enter the friction pair.

(6) The amount of shaft above exceeds the indicator. Adjustment and overhaul, so that the amount of shaft is up to standard.

(7) The caulking of the mounting or bonding movement and static ring leaks. Improve the installation process, or the amount of interference.

In the working process of the reactor, once the problem of sealing leakage is found to be solved in time, unnecessary loss can be avoided, the working efficiency can be maximized, and the service life of the machine can be prolonged.

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