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Advantages of lining PTFE reactor

Zibo Yulian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing PTFE-lined reactors for more than 20 years. With professional technicians, it is the only factory in North China that produces lining reactors with slabs. In addition, in the production of reactor materials, it is also the use of high-quality raw materials, including the following aspects:

1. The plate used in the reaction kettle is Dongyue plate, which is one of the best quality steel plates.

2. The welding rod imported from Japan is used to optimize the welding process to make the weld seam smoother and smaller.

3. Most of the other tools used to make the reactor are imported high-quality products, which provide perfect equipment for the technicians in the process of making the reactor.

4. The PTFE used is imported from Taiwan and the United States with quality assurance.

The company independently developed its own exclusive production technology, which has a very high bonding force between the coating and the metal, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.


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