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The difference between stainless steel reactor and glass-lined reactor

With the development of science and technology, both food and chemical industries require various reactions, and the types of reactors required are also diverse. However, the most commonly used reactors are stainless steel reactors and glass-lined reactors. The differences between the two reactors are described below.

1. Material: The glass-lined reactor is made of silicon-containing glass lined by high-temperature roasting to form a dense glass lined on the metal surface; and the stainless steel reaction vessel is made of stainless steel.

2. Acid resistance: The glass lined glass reactor is internally lining with glass lined, and the acid resistance is relatively stronger than that of the stainless steel reactor.

3. Heat transfer effect: The heat transfer effect of the stainless steel reactor is better than that of the glass lined. Under the same heating or cooling conditions, the heating or cooling of the glass-lined reactor is slower than that of the stainless steel reactor.

4. Cost: The price of the glass-lined reactor is much cheaper. In the same volume, the stainless steel reactor is more expensive than the glass lined, but the weight is lighter than the glass-lined reactor.

5. Pressure resistance: The pressure of the glass-lined reactor can not be high, and the stainless steel reactor can withstand high pressure. Therefore, under the acidic medium with low pressure, the glass-lined reactor can be used, and the stainless steel reactor can be used with pressure.

Stainless steel reactors and glass-lined reactors have their own characteristics and advantages. You can choose the reactor equipment suitable for production according to the actual needs.

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