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Half-tube glass-lined reactor

In industrial production, glass lined reactors are commonly used in the production of reaction vessels and play a pivotal role. Now let's take a look at a special form of glass lined reactor - a half-tube glass lined reactor.

The so-called half-tube reactor, that is, on the basis of the conventional reactor, the jacket is surrounded by a half tube. The middle part of the semi-tank jacket is a kettle body, and the half pipe outside the kettle body is provided with circulating cooling water, and the half pipe has a semicircular cross section, and the glass lined reaction kettle body and the surrounding half pipe are welded together.

Based on the speciality of the semi-tank jacket, the semi-tube glass lined reactor has significant advantages in heat exchange: the ordinary standard jacketed glass lined reactor has a larger heat exchange area, but the flow velocity in the jacket is slow. The heat transfer system is low, while the half pipe jacketed glass reactor is slightly smaller in the heat exchange area, but the liquid flow rate in the half pipe is fast and the heat exchange efficiency is high.

Secondly, in terms of bearing pressure, since the wall thickness of the jacket of the semi-tube glass lined reactor is much thicker than that of the conventional glass lined reactor, it can withstand greater pressure and when the pressure required for the production reaction is high. It is more suitable to use a half-tube reactor.

Finally, the high-speed flow of the medium in the half-tube jacket can effectively prevent the generation of dirt on the inner surface of the jacket, greatly reducing the cost of jacket cleaning.


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