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What is glass lined ?

Glass lined is divided into two series: glass glass lined and cast iron glass glass lined. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, heat shock resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and does not contain any harmful elements. It is an ideal cooker for family restaurants. It is your ideal choice. The glass lined products produced by the Chinese glass lined industry include: daily glass lined products (paddles, cups, etc.); industrial glass lined products (reaction tanks); sanitary ware glass lined products (baths, showers, etc.); kitchen glass lined products (washing tanks, Cabinets, cookers, etc.; household glass lined products (electric hot pot, beakers, heaters, electric water heater glass lined liners, etc.); architectural glass lined products (building glass lined, glass lined pipes); other glass lined products (art glass lined, hanging plate, medical Container, health glass lined products).


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