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Case Analysis of Porcelain in glass lined Reaction Tank

Normally used in a 2000L electric heating glass lined reaction kettle, the jacket medium is the temperature of the heat transfer oil is about 250 degrees, the reaction medium in the glass lined reaction tank is 75% sulfuric acid, and the process request reaction temperature reaches about 180 degrees Celsius, recently The reactor often has a large area of porcelain explosion! After the glass-lined reactor equipment technicians went to the site to investigate, it was found that the feeding distance between the two batches of materials was shorter, and the temperature in the glass lined reaction tank was still higher after the previous batch was emptied, and the concentration immediately after the injection was The 75% sulfuric acid temperature is about 70 degrees. According to this analysis, the glass lined reaction chamber explosion phenomenon should be due to the thermal shock caused by the explosion.


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