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Electrostatic discharge measures for glass-lined reactor

1. Evaluate the potential of electric sparks by evaluating insulation solutions or adding powders;

2. reducing the stirring speed of the glass lined reaction kettle equipment;

3. Add liquid through the inner extension tube to add it from below the liquid level;

4, mixed with water or soluble additives to increase the conductivity of the solution

5. Add inert gas (nitrogen) to the gas phase space to prevent explosion;

6. Electrostatic puncture of glass lined reactor equipment

   The liquid in the glass lined reactor is stirred with a suspension, the suspension and the glass lined are strongly rubbed, and the suspension itself is also rubbed, so that a large amount of static charge is generated, and the high static charge has a strong puncture effect on the enamel, thereby causing glass lined pitting, so the stirring speed should not be too fast.

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