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Detecting the pressure inside the glass lined reactor

As the main equipment in the field of mechanical and chemical engineering, the glass lined reactor needs to be used frequently. Before using it, it is necessary to test the pressure in the reactor before it can be put into use. So how should we detect it:

First connect the nitrogen cylinder to the inlet of the glass lined reactor via a conduit and tighten the associated screws. Then open the main valve and the pressure dividing valve of the nitrogen bottle, first adjust the pressure of the bottle partial pressure valve to the pressure required for the experiment, and then open the gas valve of the glass lined reaction kettle, so that the gas will slowly be charged into the reaction kettle. When the pressure value displayed on the pressure gauge of the glass lined reactor is the same as the set pressure on the nitrogen bottle and no longer changes, be sure to close the inlet valve of the reactor and the outlet valve of the nitrogen bottle in sequence, and then record the pressure value displayed in the reactor. After half an hour, observe whether the pressure has changed.

In order to ensure the normal use of the glass lined reactor, everyone should do its testing to avoid other problems in the later period.


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