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Reactor installation precautions

The reactor is an important equipment in the chemical plant. It can be divided into carbon steel reactor, stainless steel reactor and glass-lined reactor (enamel reactor) depending on the material. What are the considerations in the process of the glass-lined reactor installation.

Note on the glass-lined reactor configuration: It is necessary to check whether the components are completely in front of the equipment, and replace them in case of defects. In the process of the device, cautious crowbars, hand hammers, etc. directly contact the enamel pieces to prevent fabric damage. The support and the lifting ring that can only be used in the lifting process of the equipment are not allowed to be stressed by the weak parts such as the receiving, the clip and the nozzle. It is necessary to lightly lift the light to prevent the town from hitting, and not to hammer the tank. Before the device, the equipment should be cleaned and cleaned with water. Wear clean rubber shoes and check whether the glass fabric is intact. The fastening of the flange and receiving part of the equipment shall comply with the guidelines for chemical container installations, requiring symmetrical and evenly tightening to prevent damage to the enamel surface due to excessive force. If the gasket is found to be lost during the disassembly process, the elasticity should be replaced in time. The clamp of the equipment is one of the primary pressure-receiving components. In addition to the uniform force required in the process of the device, the quality and quantity should be guaranteed, and the device must not be disabled or reduced. Enamel reactor, glass-lined reactor The mirror glass installed on the tank is a kind of brittle material. In addition to ensuring uniform fastening, the pressing force should not be too large. If some of the leaks should be added to the pad, prevent partial crushing of excessive force. For the enamel reactor mixer, pay attention to the installation of anti-loose fittings such as anti-loose pins or locknuts, and check whether the direction of rotation of the agitator is in common with the direction shown, to prevent the mixer from rotating down during operation and damaging the fabric. If metal components are placed on the reactor, it is only allowed to be welded outside the non-enamel parts such as jackets. The welding speed is fast and the corresponding cooling method is adopted. If the nozzles, inlets and flanges are adjacent to each other, the welding should be tight. Cover each nozzle to prevent slag splashes from damaging the glass surface. After the equipment is completed, you should carefully check the various components and tanks, and then confirm that there is no error before you can carry out the air test.

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