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Method for identifying the quality of glass lined reactor

In order to provide users with a comprehensive judgment on the quality of glass lined reactor equipment, Zibo Yulian gave a brief introduction to the identification method of glass lined reactor quality.

     Use a dry cloth (not wet cloth) to wipe off the dust on the surface of the glass lined reactor layer. Under normal light, the glass lined surface should be bright. If the porcelain surface is like a mirror, it can be used as a good product; then carefully observe the glass lined layer. The surface shall be free of the following defects: it shall be dense and free of micropores; there shall be no glass lined, bubbling, indelible impurities and obvious uneven color; for large-size closed tanks of 6300L or more, the surface of the porcelain layer, especially the manhole The part, the upper ring part, the lower ring part, the bottom head ring weld seam part, and the lower liquid part part of the porcelain surface are preferably wireless stripes (professional term is called hairline); the porcelain surface has no obvious scratches.

China's glass lined equipment, due to the difference between the simmering process and the foreign simmering process, only the bismuth glass layer with a thickness of about 0.2 mm on the surface of the glass lined glass layer is dense, and there are many bubbles below, that is, the thickness of 0.2 mm is an effective anti-corrosion layer. The highest intensity. Deep scratches can damage this dense layer and reduce the strength of the glass lined layer. Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the glass lined reactor equipment during the inspection, installation and use to prevent scratches. There should be no obvious bulge on the glass lined surface of the weld.

Here to tell you a professional knowledge, the glass layer of the raised part of the metal matrix (that is, the outer arc part) at a higher temperature, due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient between the glass layer and the metal matrix, will be subjected to tensile stress. The tensile stress performance of the bismuth glass layer is far less than the compressive stress, and the tensile stress is likely to cause damage to the glass lined glass layer. Therefore, the occurrence of raised portions should be minimized on the metal substrate, and the raised welds should be as flat as possible. There should be no obvious pits on the glass surface. The pits are left by the defects of the surface of the metal base steel plate. The more pits, the poor quality of the surface of the steel plate used, which is not suitable for the glass-lined equipment. There should be no obvious difference in thickness between the nozzle and the head, the manhole and the head, and the steel plate of the high neck flange and the butt weld of the cylinder.


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