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glass lined reactor equipment porcelain layer thickness standard

For glass lined reactor equipment, the thinner the porcelain layer, the better. When the porcelain layer is thinned, the brittleness of the porcelain layer of the glass-lined reactor is reduced and the structure is increased, and the heat resistance is reduced not only during heat transfer but also the temperature difference impact resistance. Therefore, the majority of glass lined reactor equipment users when buying glass lined equipment, the porcelain layer is thinner than thick. However, for the glass lined equipment porcelain layer thinning, can not be lower than 0.8mm, the standard setting porcelain layer thickness is 0.8mm, which means: after 20KV high-voltage electric spark inspection, theoretically the depth of the damaged porcelain layer is 0.4mm, The remaining 0.4mm thick porcelain layer can be used for 10 years in theoretical calculations when the general medium is resistant to corrosion.

Through the contents explained in the article, you can generally understand how the thickness of the porcelain layer thickness of the glass-lined reactor equipment is not thicker. The better the future purchase, the better, I hope everyone Pay attention to this.


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