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What conditions should the glass-lined reactor equipment have?

1. The manufacture of the reducer should meet the requirements of the 92 standard, and should be welded after the equipment is burnt;

2. Manhole application manhole high neck flange, high temperature strength, small deformation;

3. The nozzle (except for the mirror hole) should be a flat interface for the purpose of facilitating piping and repair;

4. The nozzle and manhole should be docked with the head punch. Because of this docking structure, the quality of the glass layer is very favorable;

5. The manhole cover should be an arched cover instead of a flat cover;

6. The glass layer on the edge of the flange of the nozzle and the edge of the high neck flange shall not have flakes and cracks;

7. The outer shape of the upper ring should be relatively regular, and there should be no significant forcible assembly marks on the butt joint with the jacket;

8. The lower ring should be a U-shaped lower ring;


9. Jacket inlet should be equipped with a hydraulic nozzle

10. The structure of the jacket venting hole should conform to the 92 standard.

If all meet the above requirements, then this should be considered a good glass-lined reactor equipment.

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