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Glass lined reactor Low stirring speed

After using the glass lined reactor for a period of time, many users will report a problem, that is, there will be a phenomenon that the stirring speed is low. The occurrence of this phenomenon will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the equipment, which is not conducive to the company to increase revenue. Moreover, the low speed may be caused by the damage of the components. If it is not solved in time, it will cause greater damage to the equipment itself.

1. Artificial factors

Because the aging of the glass lined reactor causes the motor to be damaged, at this time, the original motor is not purchased, and the other motor is arbitrarily driven. As a result, the flow is directly caused or the water is not pumped.

2, the belt wear

There are many large glass lined reactors that rely on belt drives, but because of long-term use, the belts wear and slack, causing slippage, which reduces the speed of the reactor.

3, improper installation

If the center distance of the two pulleys is too small or the two shafts are not parallel, the tight side of the belt will be installed on the top, which will cause the wrap angle to be too small, the calculation of the diameter of the two pulleys and the eccentricity of the two shafts of the coupling drive are large. Etc., will cause changes in the speed of the glass lined reactor.

4. Hardware mechanical failure of the glass lined reactor itself

The impeller and the reaction vessel shaft fastening nut are loosened or the reaction kettle shaft is deformed and bent, causing the impeller to move more, directly rubbing against the reaction kettle body, or causing bearing damage, thereby causing the rotation speed of the reaction kettle to be abnormal.

Human factors, parts wear and mechanical failures will cause the speed of the glass-lined reactor to decrease. In order to avoid this, we need to regularly repair, clean and maintain the equipment, and find faults and replace parts in time. Avoid larger faults when the device is in use, which will not only affect normal use.

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