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Glass lined reaction tank requirements for painting quality

After the glass lined reaction tank is installed and formed by a pile of parts, it needs to be painted on the surface, and the layer of paint sprayed on the surface can not only have an aesthetic effect, but also protect the reactor from corrosion and scratching. Breaking and other effects, so the requirements for the painting process are more stringent.

First, the requirements:

1. Protect the painting site of the glass lined reaction tank. Do not spray paint on unrelated places, and protect the place where the paint is sprayed.

2, the surface of the paint film is smooth and flat, no collapse, no cracks in the dark pit, no falling, no obvious big spray, no small or very small particles on the outside.

3. There is no heavy color at the corners, that is, the phenomenon of smearing, there is no color difference and color phenomenon on the whole surface.

4. The gloss of the glass lined reactor is uniform and the hand feels smooth.

Second, note:

1. Prevent excessive drying and pay attention to fire prevention during drying.

2, master the distance, and choose the right tools, can paint and spray gun.

Therefore, a good glass lined reactor equipment, the manufacturing process of all sides is very rigorous and careful, so that the reactor can have so many excellent performance, but also requires the user's later maintenance, so Two in one can really make the reactor better for the user.


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